Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chapter 6 in The Jungle

In this chapter, the poor family finds out that they have to pay interest on the money that they have borrowed on top of the $12 a month that they already had thought they were paying. They were very upset but it was in the contract. It is difficult to understand coming from a world that does not understand interest. In our world of credit cards, we understand interest very well (hopefully). So anyway, the family has to have the oldest boy go and work to pay the extra interest on the house. He has to be some sort of lard can operator. He is going to make about $9 a month so that covers their interest on the house loan. Then Jurgis and Ona go back to planning their wedding. They know it will cost them at least $200 to throw their wedding even though they believe that they will get it back at the Lithuanian money dance. Weddings are expensive no matter who you are! I got married for about $5000. My brother is getting married and their budget is $7500 and that is a low budget! How much did your wedding cost and do you have any good tips on keeping costs down?

Have a good night and stay safe! Any thoughts on the story so far?

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Katherine Krug said...

Our wedding cost $2000 and that was 28 years ago, so I don't know how that translates to today. It was expensive for us, but certainly not a high price for some. I paid for it all myself by selling my first car, since daddy already had 2 cars and what would we need with 3?