Wednesday, December 10, 2008

While We Were Out by Ho Baek Lee

Children's book - the illustrations were fantastic and I loved the very fuzzy sense the author gave to the whole story with the pictures. This is basically a story about a bunny who is normally kept on the porch but the family goes away for an overnight and someone accidentally left the door cracked and the bunny comes in. The bunny then proceeds to do everything in the house that he has always wanted to do (go in the library, search through the refrigerator, etc.). Then he goes to sleep in one of the beds with the covers all pulled up around him. It is cute! Then he goes back outside and pretends like nothing happened and the book asks if the family is going to know who made all the mess. Of course they will, there are rabbit droppings everywhere! My kids really liked this book and it was a nice short read that even my 1 yo sat through. Maybe 5 minutes if you ask a lot of questions (or your children do - and whose don't?). Overall, good book, but I won't be purchasing - library read.

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