Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Are The First Kid On Mars by Patrick O'Brien

Holy crap! This is the best children's book we have read in a really long time! Great information and explanation of what everything this author imagined was. It was basically imagining how it would be if Earth colonized Mars and you were the first kid to go there. First of all, my son LOVED it. He asked me to read it over 4 times. Second, there was no crazy imaginations like Mars people look like weird people with huge heads. Every single idea had reasons why the author thought it was going to be this way in the future. All of them seemed reasonable to me (mind you, I'm no scientist) and seemed to have a scientific basis. He even explained going through the atmosphere and everything! Basically this book was awesome and even more awesome if you have boys that sometimes you have a hard time getting them involved in the reading!!

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