Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chapter 1 in The Jungle

Click on the title to read Chapter 1! The description of the wedding in this chapter is beautiful. You can almost smell the odor of alchohol and the braveness of the people celebrating in squalor. Everyone can imagine an Aunt like Marija! Upton Sinclair describes the musicians so well, I really want to hear them. My discussion questions for today are:

Do you have any strong connections to music? Do any songs bring back a particular memory for you, like the music at the wedding was reminding them of their homeland?

Are there any traditions handed down through your family or culture that are kind of withering in your current surroundings or time period? I have personally never been in that sort of transition period for a culture or people, but I can see that it would be so difficult to give that tradition up.

I thought that Upton Sinclair did a great job of describing every minute detail and making me feel like I was really at the wedding. What did you think about his descriptions?

Have a good night and stay safe. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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