Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pg 101 - 121 - Wild Grass

I got to page 121 today in the book. The story in Beijing has developed with Fang Ke having written a book that outlines the destruction in Beijing and masks it underneath government respectability. Development of the story involves more background information on the buildings that were torn down and the people that were displaced. This story breaks my heart, because old buildings are my passion. I hope one day to use some of that massive money I am going to make as a lawyer (just kidding) to buy and restore old homes and buildings. The character involved in old buildings intrigues me and I think you can sometimes get a sense of the people that used to live there just from the feeling of a building, almost like it is speaking to you. The story also points out the conflict of interest when the development company is owned by the government and the government is the one that approves when the houses can be torn down. This portion of the story has me thinking.....

Do you have any stories in your area of conflict of interest in government and land-use approvals? I can't think of any in my area, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen, it just means I didn't read the paper that day.

Do you have any stories about old buildings that you lived in? Any wierd ghost stories (hey, it is October) or just feelings that you got or even finding cool stuff in a long-unused attic or basement. I love old building stories, so let me know.

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